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   The Backdraft Gasifier    

                      Small Portable Wood Refinery/Gasifier                 

               For Pre-computer 4 stroke Combustion Engines.         

 Gasification Part 1: Overview, Components, Assembly, And Fuel.  


Free Gas



Unlock     The


   Gasification Part 2: Linkage, Damper/Diverter Piping   



    Gasification Part 3: Component Specifications, Start Up Procedure, And Data   

              A Few Last Minutes Notes                          Fun For All Ages          

Riding High_edited
Harmony Hut_edited
A Warm Seat_edited
gotcha rev_edited

Precious Antiques & Vintage Collectibles: Let's Make A Deal  $$

hunt cabinet_edited.jpg

(believed to be late 1800s)

When it comes
Hunt, or china
cabinets, this sets the standard.
None can



Dining room table leaf is not in place, in this image. Original protective covers are in fair condition.

As evident from the pictures many of these are delicate antiques.

Arrangements for pick up, or inspection shall be made upon request.

Antiques are shipped USPS priority mail, (Domestic USA) only unless other arrangements are made.

All sales are final, refunds are available if damaged during the USPS shipment. Pictures of the damage will be required. No liability is assumed for damage done, as result of the buyers movers.

These are used items, not new old world reproductions. They are the real McCoy.

Payments can be made through PayPal, cash, or by check in advance.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Thank you for
shopping buy.

Please tap on the link below to contact the seller regarding additional questions, method of payment/invoices & mailing information if applicable.


Ornate Vintage Floor To Ceiling Mirror Combo.jpg

your castle

Out the door for $1,600.00

Almost theft at $1,600.00

Real McCoy Marble 

A bargain at $200.00

Truly a prize at $450.00 out the door

Like a gift from the gods at $575.00

Can be yours for $350.00, out the door

Impressionists painting on canvas_edited
The Square Of Saint Marks_edited_edited.
DSCN9566 (1).JPG